Wondering how to choose your color for a Shamballa bracelet?

Crystal Findings offers sparkling Shamballa beads in so many colors, it’s hard to know which to choose. Opt for popular color combinations or choose the perfect hues to reflect the traditional origins of these infamous beads. While many select the shades of their Shamballa beads for their beauty, interest is growing in the spiritual benefits of particular jewels and colors used in Shamballa designs. 

Shamballa design

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Color for Your Shamballa Jewelry Design

Shamballa jewelry has a Tibetan and Indian Buddhist background. Shamballa bead colors represent the chakras, centers of spiritual power within the body. Each Shamballa bead color is believed to have a unique meaning and effect on particular aspects of your physical and emotional well-being:

• Black

This popular color inspires strength and fosters inner power. It helps with focus and calming of the mind. It is a favorite for masculine designs.

• White

White reflects innocence and purity, truth/integrity, and new beginnings. It fosters openness and kindness, brings clarity and peace, and supports physical and mental health. 

• Red

Red reflects passion, sensuality, and emotion, inspiring motivation and enthusiasm. It supports a feeling of security and banishes fears, allowing you to move forward with confidence.  

• Orange

This sacral chakra color is associate with emotion and intimacy. It increases feelings of affection and creativity, rekindling bonds and forgotten passions. Orange is also believed to balance emotions, relieving stress and blocks in life. It inspires boldness and bravery, fighting introversion and shyness. 

• Yellow/Gold

Yellow is the color of the solar plexus chakra, supporting self-confidence and will power. It is strongly associated with feelings of happiness, inner peace, stability, and control of the world around you. It stifles negativity, supporting logical, clear thinking. 

• Green

This color of the heart chakra brings balance and harmony between the mind/body. It is linked with nature, producing a similar effect as exposure to nature would in the body: Serenity, calmness, and renewal. It is also believed to manifest luck, abundance, and wealth.

• Blue

Blue is associated with the throat chakra, evoking communication and inspiring trust, loyalty, and affection. Like the ocean, it inspires tranquility and healing, encouraging relaxation and rejuvenation. 

• Indigo

Associated with the third eye or intuition, the chakra located in the center of the forehead, indigo opens the mind and relieves creative blocks, spurring the imagination. It is the color of choice for inspiring confidence and connecting with your true identity.

• Violet

Violet is associated with the crown chakra at the top of the head. It promotes a higher understanding of self and life purpose. Violet is the color of royalty, grandeur, and creativity. Simultaneously stimulating and soothing, it brings balance, making it an ideal choice for those with physical and emotional issues, especially insomnia.  

Note: We may not always carry all the colors listed above. Check our website to see the colors we have in stock at any time!

Shamballa Bead Shapes

Crystal Findings offers many varieties, including traditional round Shamballa beads, curved tube Shamballa beads, and heart-shaped Shamballa beads perfect for creating beautiful pendants, Bracelets, Necklaces, or making dress pins. All of our shimmering shades of Shamballa beads feature high-quality, manmade, lead glass Czech crystal cubic zirconia rhinestones.  

Create a custom Shamballa design. Stock up for your upcoming holiday jewelry-making projects. Shop the wide selection of premium wholesale beads and jewelry making supplies at Crystal Findings today.

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Shamballa Beads – What They Are and Tips for Using Them in Jewelry Making

Shamballa beads, used for making beautiful bracelets, necklaces, and earrings, are steeped in history. Inspired by Tibetan and Indian Buddhism, these colorful, shimmering, disco-ball like beads are a favorite among jewelry makers, making a striking statement in any design. Shamballa is believed to be a magical, spiritual sanctuary reachable only by those who hold a deep karmic connection to spirit. A perfect place filled with love, enlightenment, and peace. Shamballa bead colors represent Sanskrit/Indian centers of spiritual power in the body, called chakras, each associated with an aspect of well-being.

Shamballa bead jewelry design

Shamballa Designs

Shamballa beads are widely used for making bracelets. Shamballa designs are easy to recognize by their signature square knot design, which features special knots based on macrame techniques. Bracelet cord is woven, knotted, and braided into various designs, featuring different colors of shimmering Shamballa beads and gemstones.

Shamballa Bead Varieties

Shamballa beads begin with a synthetic base, which is studded by hand with Czech crystals – high quality, manmade, lead glass crystal cubic zirconia rhinestones. Crystal Findings offers many varieties, including traditional round Shamballa beads, curved tube Shamballa beads, and heart-shaped Shamballa beads perfect for creating beautiful pendants, bracelets,necklaces, or making dress pins. Many colors are available, including traditional Shamballa colors representing the 7 chakras, alongside many other popular hues.

Suggestions for Using Shamballa Beads in Jewelry Making

• Choosing beads and cord

Shamballa bead designs work well with many styles, from simple hemp cord designs to premium knotting cord. Accentuate your design with any beads you desire, interspersing your Shamballa beads with gemstones and gold and silver beads and findings. Just be sure beads are large enough to accommodate two strands of cord.

• Shamballa design tips

A clipboard or board with binder clip are necessary tools for creating square knot Shamballa bead designs, helping you secure cords as you work. You can add as many knots as you desire between beads, though most agree odd numbers of knots look best. 

• Mastering the sliding clasp

The tricky part of Shamball jewelry designs is creating the sliding clasp to finish your Shamballa bracelet design. However, once you learn this trick, making this popular jewelry staple is a snap. Here’s how it’s done:

o Form your completed bracelet design into a circle. Overlap the anchor cords, tying them together temporarily with a string.

o Clip the top to your clipboard/board and binder work surface.

o Next, cut a 12-inch piece of cord. Center it beneath the 4 anchor cords. 

o Tie in square knots just like you did in your original bracelet design, continuing for about half an inch. 

o Sew the ends back in once that is complete, creating a section of knots capable of sliding back and forth on the anchor cords. 

o Take the tail knots and make slipknots 1-2 inches from the clasp on each of the anchor ends, allowing enough length to loosen the bracelet to fit over your hand. Add beads for stoppers to prevent the ends from sliding out of the clasp.

Note: We do not carry the knotting cords for making shamballa bracelets or necklaces. Our Shamballa beads come in small hole sizes only.

Get a more in-depth look at creating fun Shamballa bead jewelry designs on our blog.

Create this popular, must-have jewelry look for family, friends, and customers. Place your order now for the holiday season. Shop the wide variety of wholesale beads jewelry making supplies at Crystal Findings today.

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Personalize your Jewelry with Alphabet Beads Available at Crystal Findings Sterling Silver and Glass

Add a personalized touch to your next project with alphabet beads. From friendship bracelets to wine glass charms, letter beads are a great way to make an impact. Their versatile design works with a variety of designs, including a larger hole for use with a variety of stringing materials from natural leather to forgiving stretch magic and black cords. 

Alphabet Beads

Crystal Findings Offers a Wide Assortment of Letter Bead Styles

We offer single alphabet beads by the letter in sterling silver, so you never have to worry about waste. Order just what you need for your project from our extensive selection of designer quality beads for your upcoming project. Choose from: 

• Sterling silver alphabet beads

We have one of the largest collections of high-quality sterling silver beads and findings on the market, including 4.5mm, 5.5mm, and large 6.5mm sterling silver alphabet bead sizes. Pair them with our 5.5mm character beads for a touch of added flair. 

• Gold plated sterling silver alphabet beads

Our brilliant, 5.5 mm, 14K gold plated letter beads add dazzle and luxurious appeal to any jewelry making project. 

• Glass alphabet beads

Add a touch of color or depth and dramatic flair with our glass alphabet beads. We offer three different designs, including 6mm beads in black and white, black and gold, and

red and white color schemes.  These glass letter beads are perfact for children’s bracelets and necklaces complementing with our gold filled and sterling silver beads as well as wide selection of colorful diomond shape and or round faceted swarovski crystal beads that gives sparkle people admire.

Creating a Unique Design is As Easy as ABC

Personalize your project with a name, inspirational message, support your favorite team or cause, or memorialize an event, expressing yourself in your own unique way. Set them in resin, string them on cord, or wrap them in wire. Letter beads appeal to women of all ages. Whether you want to create the perfect Mother’s Day gift, holiday present for a child, or find another way to say, “I love you,” alphabet beads are the ideal way to bring your message to life. Alphabet beads from Crystal Findings are the perfect addition to:

• Bracelets & Necklaces

From “best friend” necklaces and bracelets to designs showcasing children and grandchildren, popular alphabet jewelry designs never go out of style, offering lasting mementos.

• Keychains

Create keychains that are beautiful and easily identifiable, pairing alphabet beads with colorful companion beads.

• Bookmarks

Inspire the avid reader in your life with a customized bookmark.

• Wine glass charms

Incorporating alphabet beads onto wine glass charms is the perfect way to prevent cocktail confusion. 

• Napkin rings

Leave dinners guests with a lasting party favor, after denoting their place setting with a personalized napkin ring.

• And more!

We offer so many different styles of alphabet beads, you’ll have fun thinking up new combinations and creations.

Give your upcoming project a distinctive touch with alphabet beads. Shop the wide assortment of beads and findings at Crystal Findings. Gain inspiration from our latest catalog today.

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Beautiful Custom Name Plates for Necklaces and Bracelets in Variety of Styles. Quick Delivery!

Are you looking for the perfect gift? Create a personalized sterling silver or gold-filled nameplate necklace or bracelet for that someone special in your life. This on-trend treasure is adored by men and women of all ages. Our personalized name plate designs are available in many styles, sizes, and shapes, allowing you to achieve the perfect custom design. Very few online bead suppliers offer this service. However, Crystal Findings has connections to a jeweler who can provide custom made artwork made to order to your specifications, giving you access to beautiful nameplates at very reasonable prices. 

Custom Name Plate Necklaces & Bracelets

Create a custom necklace or bracelet featuring a name, initials, or monogram, or write a word of inspiration up to 10 letters in length. Choose from inscribed, engraved, traditional or Swarovski diamond-look crystal-studded designs to suit the unique style of your loved one. Purchase a single nameplate or double up your design, using matching chains of differing lengths to create a multi-layered look. Pair with our gold-filled and silver beads and findings, creating a design as unique as the wearer. Crystal Findings offers a variety of:

• Gold Filled Name Plates

We offer 14K gold-filled nameplate for necklaces and bracelet designs in a variety of sizes, shapes, and styles, as well as ready-made nameplates in stock at sale prices. Our luxurious gold-filled nameplates are sure to dazzle. Add additional flair to your custom creation with our wide assortment of brightly colored stone and glass beads and gold-filled beads and findings. We offer one of the largest collections of gold-filled  findings in the nation world. Each of our fine quality gold-filled nameplates, beads, and findings is 14 Kt gold-filled. Many times thicker than cheap electroplated options, our gold-filled products are designed to last up to 30 years with daily wear.

• Sterling Silver Name Plates

Our sterling silver nameplates are beautiful and high quality, offering a gift your loved one will covet for years to come. Pair them with our wide selection of sparkling sterling silver beads and findings or coordinate with our wide variety of BALI SILVER BEADS and FINDINGS for lasting project results. We offer over 12,000 varieties of beads and findings, from the simple to the ornate, to perfectly complement your design, including sparkling Swarovski crystal beads and pendants. 

Fast Shipping Direct to Your Door

Once you place your order for your nameplate design, we can begin creating your custom piece. We typically deliver orders around 24 to 72 hours after they are placed, so you can be sure of the timely arrival of your gift.   

Design the perfect birthday, holiday, or “just-because” gift with the help of Crystal Findings. Order your custom nameplate design today.

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Cloisonne beads 101: Everything you need to know is here

Have you recently fallen in love with Cloisonné beads? We’ve got all the information you want to know about Cloisonné designs. These intricately detailed, elegant beads have a long and storied past and continue to remain popular today. Several well-known artists specialize in Cloisonné jewelry designs. Should you add it to your repertoire? 

Cloisonné Beads

The Anatomy of Cloisonné Design

Cloisonné is French for partitioned or compartmentalized, each section housing various colors of enamel-like tiny stained-glass art. Enamel is applied and fired within raised portions of soldered wires, similar to a filigree. The fine detailing housed within traditional Cloisonné designs showcasing patterns of flowers or other elaborate art. Artistic and colorful, these unique beads are perfect for use in a variety of jewelry designs, each individual bauble showcasing a distinctive beauty. 

History of Cloisonné Beads

The cloisonné technique is believed to date back to Egypt around 1800 BC when gold ornaments were inlaid with small pieces of gemstones. Later, as it spread throughout Europe, goldsmiths and glass workers substituted colored glass for precious stones. In the 14th century, the Chinese improved the technology, using their casting, glass production and glazing skills to improve the enameling process. Cloisonné jewelry designs became popular in America much later, in the mid-1800s, and continues to be admired for its unique beauty

Popular Applications

The lovely gold detailing of Cloisonné beads pairs beautifully with gold-filled beads and findings and makes them suitable for a variety of jewelry designs, such as:

• Beaded necklaces and bracelets

• Pendants

• Bangle and cuff bracelets

• Earrings

• Pins

• Rings

Shopping for Cloisonné Beads

When selecting Cloisonné beads for your upcoming project, look for premium beads with a smooth surface, free of rough edges or protruding wires. Each section should be filled with enamel, featuring a uniform appearance with no divots or high spots. Look for beads crafted with precious metals, such as copper, that advertise their content. 

Cloisonné Wear and Care

Cloisonné jewelry looks spectacular when showcased against simple swaths of dark colors, which allow the precious metals in the beads to shine. Wear Cloisonné jewelry alone or pair with a simple metal chain or bracelets. Don’t overdo it, avoiding busy fabric patterns, or overcrowding the beads with too many accessories.

When you’re not wearing Cloisonné designs, store them in jewelry bags to keep them free from scratches. If jewelry becomes dirty, do not soak the beads, as small holes in the design could absorb liquid. You should also avoid chemical and abrasive cleaners that can etch the glass, and ultrasonic jewelry cleaners. Instead, simply polish jewelry with plain water and soft, lint-free cloth. 

Cloisonné Bead Styles

Crystal Findings offers an extensive selection of Cloisonné bead styles, including round, flat round, oval, tube, and heart shapes, as well as clasp cloisonné beads and fancy drop bead designs. Shop our affordably priced Cloisonné beads options, uncovering the beauty of Cloisonné in your next beading project today. 

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Wondering how Swarovski beads are different from glass beads?

If Swarovski beads are essentially a form of crystal, what makes them so different from glass beads? These two styles of beads are quite different, imparting unique characteristics to their respective beading projects. 

Glass vs. Crystal Bead Compositions

Both Swarovski crystal and glass beads contain glass, which is made of about 70-72% silicon dioxide with added sodium carbonate, calcium oxide, aluminum oxide, and magnesium oxide. Premium Swarovski crystal beads, on the other hand, incorporate a proprietary combination of lead oxide and other ingredients for improved clarity, higher refraction, and added sparkle. It is this lead content that lends crystal its quality. While a 1% lead content will earn the “crystal” designation, at 30% and higher, Swarovski offers the best crystal in the world. Standard glass beads, such as cat’s eye beads, contain fewer additives and no lead. Though less expensive than crystal beads, their composition doesn’t offer the same level of sparkle. 

Design Characteristics

The production of standard glass beads is less precise than that of Swarovski crystals. You will note some variations in sizing and shape when using glass beads. Glass beads are firmer than crystal, with a lighter feel. Lead-imbued crystal, which is heavier but softer and easier to cut, offers a more precise design. Swarovski crystals, in particular, utilize sophisticated cutting machinery to cut crystals, similar to diamond cutting. This process, alongside the unique composition of the crystals, ensures a uniform, precision cut every time. Angles are carefully positioned to maximize light refraction and reflection, for enhanced brilliance. There are no visible differences from crystal to crystal and no bubbles in certified Swarovski stones.

Choosing the Right Bead Style for Your Design

When choosing between glass and crystal beads, there are a few things to keep in mind:

• Uniformity

If you are looking for design uniformity from piece to piece, or within your design, the precise cut of Swarovski crystals is unquestionably your best option. If your designs are more casual, budget-friendly glass beads options, such as lamp beads, are also beautiful, but with subtle variations of color, size, and shape.  

• Budget

As Swarovski crystal beads cost more than glass beads, your design budget will likely play a role in your selection. 

• Resale value

If you plan on selling your designs, or looking to create something with a high-end feel, splurging on Swarovski crystal pendants and beads will generate products with a higher value and striking visual appeal. 

Ensure stunning jewelry results, in-budget with the help of Crystal Findings. We offer a wide variety of affordably priced designs and styles, including quantity discounts for additional savings, such as our popular Swarovski factory packs. Shop our wide selection of glass and Swarovski beads today. 

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Swarovski Bead Layering Bracelets Are So Fashionably “In”! Get In On The Trend!

At Crystal Findings, we know sometimes it can be hard to choose between your favorite jewelry pieces. That’s why we’re so excited about this most recent trend – Swarovski crystal bead layering bracelets! Now you can wear dozens of your favorite bracelets on one are at one time. How can you get the look and expand your collection?

How to Make Swarovski Crystal Layering Bracelets

Swarovski bead layering bracelets are easily created with jeweler’s elastic. Choose your favorite Swarovski shapes and colors, pairing them with gold or sterling silver round beads. You can also go full sparkle, creating a line of Swarovski beads. Our factory packs of Swarovski round and bicone beads are perfect for this project, allowing you to create a number of bracelets ranging in size from 2.5mm to 20mm depending on bead style.

You can start with a line of smaller beads, featuring 3mm gold-filled beads accented by colorful Swarovski rounds or  Swarovski bicone crystals. Then, vary sizing, using beads with a larger diameter, creating a rainbow of multi-sized bracelets. Bracelets can be mixed and matched to your outfit or mood. Stack your favorites up your arm – there’s no limit to the number of shimmering Swarovski stacking bracelets you can wear at once!

Short on time? Get the look without the labor. Shop our ready-made Swarovski bracelets.

The Secret is in the Sizing

While the standard wrist is 6 inches, requiring a 7 inch standard bracelet, Swarovski stacking bracelets should fit snugly on your arm. Measuring ensures a more precise fit. You don’t want these stacking bracelets flopping around. If you have a standard, 6 inch wrist, we recommend making a 6.75 inch bracelet rather than a standard 7 inch. For a 7 inch wrist, an 7.75 inch bracelet, and so on.  Be sure to measure your string before you start constructing the bracelet.

Perfect for Everyday Wear

You can wear your Swarovski stacking bracelets almost anywhere. Harder than standard glass, with a Mohs hardness of 6-7, Swarovski crystals stand up to daily wear and tear. They are easily cared for with an occasional cleaning with warm, soapy water. While the alluring shimmer of the crystals may tempt you to leave them on in perpetuity, to preserve the life of your crystals, however, we recommend taking them off when exercising, swimming, showering, or doing dishes.

Are you ready to jump on the stacking bracelet bandwagon? Stock up on your favorite crystal shapes, sizes, and colors from certified Swarovski crystal online wholesaler Crystal Findings today.

7 Reasons Why We Love Sterling Silver Jewelry

Why do we love sterling silver jewelry? It’s not just the amazing selection of sterling options available. Many of the properties of silver make it different from other jewelry making materials. If you haven’t tried silver yet, or only use it a bit here and there, you may want to give it a second look. There are a number of reasons stock up on sterling silver.

Sterling Silver Is Ideal for Those with Sensitive Skin

Almost anyone can wear sterling silver jewelry without having an allergic reaction because sterling silver does not contain nickel or lead – two leading causes of skin reactions. It takes only a small amount of these common allergens in jewelry to cause a rash. Creating jewelry without them not only protects the wearer from an unsightly and uncomfortable rash, but it also protects you from liability.

Sterling Silver is an Affordable Precious Metal

While gold and platinum are beautiful, in today’s uncertain economic times, people still want to enjoy beautiful jewelry without making a major investment. Sterling silver is an extremely affordable precious metal. This brilliant metal makes it possible to construct beautiful, lasting, affordable jewelry pieces that come in at a fraction of comparable platinum and gold options. For this reason, oftentimes people buy more, expanding their collection.

Sterling Silver is Low Maintenance

Sterling silver, such as the kind used in Bali beads, is easy to maintain in an airtight box, requiring only the occasional swab with a silver polishing cloth. If maintenance gets away from you, cleaning silver with aluminum foil is a fast, easy trick.

Sterling Silver is Known in the Marketplace

With a universally recognized standard, sterling silver has a reputation as a luxury good alongside gold and diamonds. It doesn’t take much marketing to convince customers of the value of a beautiful sterling silver piece.

Sterling Silver Can Open the Door to New Customers

Because of its affordability, sterling silver allows you to try marketing new designs to a wider customer base. You can more easily target customers in niche markets, from dog lovers to wine aficionados and yoga enthusiasts.

Sterling Silver Allows You to Uncover Your Target Market

With sterling silver, it’s easy to split test pieces, making two of the same design. For instance, one in gold, one in silver. Do customers prefer the pricier gold or the more economical silver variation? With this hard data, you can set yourself up for future success.

Sterling Silver Can Help You Earn Repeat Business

The best customers are the ones that keep coming back for more. This type of repeat business is difficult to earn with pricier precious metals. Sterling silver, on the other hand, allows even the most budget-conscious customers to make repeat purchases and expand their jewelry collection without breaking the bank. It also allows you to create more designs than you could in gold or platinum, widening your selection.

Are you ready to stock up on silver? Shop the wide selection of sterling silver beads and findings at Crystal Findings today.

6 ideas for Making Stunning Jewelry Swarovski Crystal Beads


Versatile and beautiful, Swarovski crystal beads can be used in a variety of stunning jewelry projects for any occasion. Whether you’re looking to create high-end children’s jewelry, or sophisticated designs for men and women, Swarovski beads can help you achieve stellar project results.

New Ideas for Swarovski Crystal Jewelry Designs

– Necklaces

Try these shimmering necklace designs, featuring Swarovski bi-cone beads, on for size:

– Graduated necklace

You’ll incorporate two lines of Swarovski bi-cone beads into this threaded necklace. For this statement piece, start with larger 8mm beads, placing them in the center of the necklace. Next, flank them with the 6mm beads, completing the necklaces with the smallest 4mm beads.

– Graduated necklace with Swarovski elements

You can make a slightly more complex graduated bi-cone necklace by adding other Swarovski elements into your design, such as Swarovski pendants, or Swarovski pearls.

– Bead woven Swarovski necklace

This slightly more complex bi-cone necklace features a right-angle bead woven technique. Elegant and durable, it attracts a lot of compliments – and customers. Search online for “bead woven bi-cone necklaces” for inspiration.

– Swarovski threader earrings

These petite, sparkling earrings feature 3mm bi-cone beads. There are dozens of colors to choose from. String a line of beads onto a ball end head pin (approximately 8 per pin). From a simple loop to close the pin, and trim the excess. Attach jump rings and

sterling silver ear threads to finish.

– Wine Charms

Create a set of Swarovski wine charms for a lovely dinner party gift. Pair unique Swarovski shapes, such as arrows, with colored bi-cone clusters. Make each one different, so wine glasses are easily distinguishable by guests. Loop bicones onto a sliver plated headpin, add to eye pin, and lose. String the eye pin through an arrow crystal or other unique Swarovski shape, then make a loop on top, trimming excess wire. Leave about 5mm to make a loop for stringing onto rings. Great options for attaching your crystal creation to glass stems include ring-sized memory wire, 18 gauge wire formed into a circle, or ¾ inch manipulating hoops from our sterling silver beads and findings collection.

Crystal Findings offers a wide variety of affordable Swarovski crystal pendants and beads. Shop our extensive selection of beading supplies online today.

What are the must haves in your beading tools and supplies kit?


With any job, the right tools are essential to success. Without them, you’ll waste precious time scrambling to collect the tools you need, or resorting to time-consuming, quality-reducing workarounds. Though the tools you will need will depend, to some extent, on the type of jewelry you are making, there are several tools that will play an essential role in your beading tools and supplies kit.

Essential Jewelry Making Tools

These general beading tools play a pivotal role in every jewelry supply kit, from beginner to advanced:


You will need a few different types of pliers when you begin your beading journey. These include:

Needle Nose/Chain Nose Pliers

These handy pliers are great for reaching into small spaces, as well as working with jump rings, crimping beads, and bending and managing many types of findings. Some have teeth, and some do not. Those with teeth grip better but may leave unwanted marks on your jewelry if you squeeze them too hard. Toothless models prevent this – but may send items sailing through the air given their limited gripping capacity.

Flat Nose Pliers

Flat nose pliers are ideal for pulling, providing better grip. The square edge profile also allows you to create sharp corners more easily. These are also available with/without teeth.

Bent Nose Pliers

These needle nose pliers feature a strongly bent front end that allows you to reach into a variety of places straight pliers cannot.

Round Nose Pliers

The smooth, rounded jaws of these pliers are great for making wire loops like jump rings or winding wire wrapping, providing a smooth curve, and preventing crimping.

Cutting Tools

A good pair of wire cutters and a good pair of scissors are essential, whether you are cutting wire, chain, string, or ribbons.


We offer a variety of sterling silver beads and findings and gold filled beads and findings, including clasps, clips, ear wires, headpins, and more – because one can never have too many findings when planning a new jewelry making project.


Good adhesive ensures your knots will stay put, safeguarding your beautiful design.

Tool or Tackle Box

Keep your tools organized, nearby, and at-the-ready with a tool, tackle, or cosmetics box.

Other Specialized Tools You Might Like to Include

These extra tools and accessories may also be helpful:

Specialty Pliers.

Crimping Pliers

These are shaped perfectly for crimping beads and tubes, so you don’t accidentally cut through threads and wires.


A pair of household tweezers can help you pick up beads, thread needles, tie knots, and pull threads.

Time to stock up for your upcoming project? Save time and money. Shop the wide variety of affordable beads and jewelry making supplies at Crystal Findings today.

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