What are the must haves in your beading tools and supplies kit?


With any job, the right tools are essential to success. Without them, you’ll waste precious time scrambling to collect the tools you need, or resorting to time-consuming, quality-reducing workarounds. Though the tools you will need will depend, to some extent, on the type of jewelry you are making, there are several tools that will play an essential role in your beading tools and supplies kit.

Essential Jewelry Making Tools

These general beading tools play a pivotal role in every jewelry supply kit, from beginner to advanced:


You will need a few different types of pliers when you begin your beading journey. These include:

Needle Nose/Chain Nose Pliers

These handy pliers are great for reaching into small spaces, as well as working with jump rings, crimping beads, and bending and managing many types of findings. Some have teeth, and some do not. Those with teeth grip better but may leave unwanted marks on your jewelry if you squeeze them too hard. Toothless models prevent this – but may send items sailing through the air given their limited gripping capacity.

Flat Nose Pliers

Flat nose pliers are ideal for pulling, providing better grip. The square edge profile also allows you to create sharp corners more easily. These are also available with/without teeth.

Bent Nose Pliers

These needle nose pliers feature a strongly bent front end that allows you to reach into a variety of places straight pliers cannot.

Round Nose Pliers

The smooth, rounded jaws of these pliers are great for making wire loops like jump rings or winding wire wrapping, providing a smooth curve, and preventing crimping.

Cutting Tools

A good pair of wire cutters and a good pair of scissors are essential, whether you are cutting wire, chain, string, or ribbons.


We offer a variety of sterling silver beads and findings and gold filled beads and findings, including clasps, clips, ear wires, headpins, and more – because one can never have too many findings when planning a new jewelry making project.


Good adhesive ensures your knots will stay put, safeguarding your beautiful design.

Tool or Tackle Box

Keep your tools organized, nearby, and at-the-ready with a tool, tackle, or cosmetics box.

Other Specialized Tools You Might Like to Include

These extra tools and accessories may also be helpful:

Specialty Pliers.

Crimping Pliers

These are shaped perfectly for crimping beads and tubes, so you don’t accidentally cut through threads and wires.


A pair of household tweezers can help you pick up beads, thread needles, tie knots, and pull threads.

Time to stock up for your upcoming project? Save time and money. Shop the wide variety of affordable beads and jewelry making supplies at Crystal Findings today.

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas: Shimmer & Shine with Swarovski Crystal Pendants

Are you looking for a special Valentine’s Day gift for your loved one? Dazzle the ones you cherish with glittering Swarovski crystal pendants for Valentine’s Day. From the classic to the obscure, Crystal Findings carries the custom jewelry making supplies you need to ensure an extra-special holiday, instantly turning your project into a dazzling work of art with the sparkling allure of Swarovski Crystals.

Shimmering Swarovski Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Everyone

Swarovski crystal heart pendants are available in an array of distinctive designs and shades. Create a jewelry design as unique as the ones you love with Swarovski crystals…

•    Swarovski heart necklace

Swarovski crystal heart pendants are available in an array of styles, sizes, and colors that are different and unique:

•    Swarovski bracelets

Devise a colorful and fun bracelet for your daughter or granddaughter with Swarovski crystal heart beads interlaced between silver or gold filled beads and findings, creating a memorable memento of your love.

•     Swarovski earrings

Design a set of striking and unique Swarovski pendant earrings, or for those that prefer a more classic look, Swarovski flat back stone posts.

•    Swarovski cufflinks

Men like to shine too, and what greater gift for the one you love than genuine Swarovski cufflinks in geometric shapes and masculine tones of Jet, Copper, or Golden Shadow.

•    Swarovski family tree

Choose your favorite shapes of Swarovski crystal beads or pendants in birthstone colors, creating a one-of-a-kind family treasure, showcasing children, parents, and lost loved ones. In any color combination, Swarovski crystal birthstones make a stunning gift.

•    Swarovski pearls

Whether used to add a touch of subtle sophistication to your favorite Swarovski pendant or standing on their own, the soft, opaque hues and opalescent luster of Swarovski pearls are coveted by all generations, whether in classic round or uniquely curved shapes.

Create a design that is as exceptional as your love with the radiance and beauty of certified Swarovski crystal pendants. Shop the vast selection of wholesale beading supplies at Crystal Findings today.

How to Find the Best Wholesale Beads for All Your Jewelry Making Needs

Whether you make jewelry professionally or just for fun, having access to high-quality products whenever you need them can make a world of difference. You need to make sure you can find a vendor that will live up to your every expectation time and time again. These professionals will do everything in their power to ensure that you have the products you need when it matters most. Their dedication to the craft as well as the satisfaction of each and every client will be sure to shine through, helping to ensure that you have the most beautiful beads with which to create your own jewelry. Here are a few tips to keep in mind that will help you start working with the best bead supplier near you today.

A Wide Range of Products

When it comes to finding one of the best bead suppliers around, you need to make sure that you work with a qualified professional who carries a wide range of different products. By having an extensive variety that includes stunning Swarovski beads and crystals as well as gold filled beads and findings, you can feel confident that you’ll always be able to find the perfect beads to turn your jewelry dreams into reality. The more variety of products you have access to, the more you’ll be able to let your imagination soar.

Dedication to the Craft

Another factor that can help ensure that you end up with beads you love is finding a supplier that takes as much pride in the products they provide as you do in the jewelry you make. When a person loves what they do, and loves helping their clients achieve their goals, it will show in the standards that they maintain. You’ll be able to find gold filled beads in bulk and Swarovski crystal beads wholesale that are of the highest possible quality. When you work with vendors who care deeply about the beads they provide, you can feel confident that you’re getting an amazing deal time and time again.

An Exceptional Reputation

Another important factor that you’ll want to take into serious consideration in your search for a quality supplier is the reputation they’ve been able to build for themselves over the years. True professionals will go above and beyond to help their clients however they can, and this kind of service is sure to show in things like reviews and testimonials. By taking a good look at the critiques of past customers, you’ll be able to give yourself a much better idea of the level of care that these professionals maintain in their business.

Whether you’re looking for bulk Swarovski crystal beads for an elegant piece or something a little simpler, making sure you have a vendor you can depend on can make a world of difference. This product will be the key to making your jewelry dreams come true. Keep these tips in mind and find a supplier that you believe in today.

A Quick Beginner’s Guide to Starting a Business in Jewelry Making

One industry that some people might be skeptical to dive into is fashion jewelry making. It is an industry that requires creativity. But, what many people are not aware of is that you do not need to have a high degree of skill in working with  beads and jewelry making supplies to start a jewelry making business.

Just like any other niche, jewelry making business can be started even if you are more geared toward operations and technicalities. If you do a search, you will find that there are plenty of jewelry businesses out there. Just in the United States, the industry yields over $70 billion in sales annually.

To help you get started, we are sharing a few tips. We will be discussing some basics of starting a jewelry making business from the planning to the marketing.

The Angle

Before you start a jewelry marketing business, it is important that you lay all your cards on the table. You must identify your goal. Part of it is determining what kind of jewelry you will be making so that you can source your beading supplies in bulk from the right resource.

There are generally two angles you can consider. You can either deal in fashion jewelry or fine jewelry. The general difference between these two angles is in the price point. Fine jewelry is more expensive because they are made with expensive precious gems and metals. Fashion jewelry is cheaper because they can be made from inexpensive materials such as plastic, synthetic gems, and gold filled beads and findings. The investment required for a fine jewelry business is considerably higher than that required for a fashion jewelry business.

Inspiration and Design

This is where things get more serious. As we have said, there are already many people who are into the jewelry making business. This only leads you to one choice: finding a unique and interesting design of your products that will make it stand out among the sea of fashion and fine jewelry that are already existing in the market.

Before you buy your wholesale sterling silver beads for jewelry making, you need to take your time in experimenting with different designs. Do your research. See what other businesses are doing and find a way how you can be different from them.


The Production stage is one where you will actually get to work on creating your products using items like  Swarovksi beads and crystals. Depending on the designs you have planned, you will need some basic tools and supplies like pliers, wire-cutter, glue and cleaners, etc. you may want to pick up a few books on jewelry making and watch some good YouTube tutorials. Practice at home and perfect your method and designs before deciding to sell.


Now that you already have your products and you are ready to sell them, it is time to find avenues and places where you can actually sell them. If you are a small startup business, it would be a good idea to create an online store. The costs of buying a website, an e-commerce platform, and paying a web developer are a lot less than having to lease a physical store and all the operational expenses that come with it.

So, once you have your business plan ready, source the highest quality jewelry making supplies from https://www.crystalfindings.com/


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