Top Reasons to Choose Sterling Silver Jewelry

Beading Supplies

Are you looking for everyday accessories or a timeless statement piece? Add sterling silver to your jewelry box to flaunt your style. Known for its value and sophistication, sterling silver exudes casual beauty and is considered to be an ideal choice for regular use. Sterling silver is a long-wearing, affordable, and easy to maintain metal that provides endless design options. These qualities make sterling silver jewelry a go-to piece for women for all occasions. It adds elegance to any jewelry design and is the perfect metal to use when designing necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings etc for casual wear.

Sterling Silver Beads – A Unique Look for Your Jewelry

Sterling silver beads are versatile and can be used in a wide range of jewelry styles. They are highly favored by the designers for their unique sheen and working properties. Here we’ve listed a few reasons why sterling silver beads are the preferred choice in the fashion and jewelry world.

Reasons to Buy Sterling Silver


Sterling silver is an alloy formed from a mixture of metals, and it includes 92.5% silver and other metals. Due to this composition, sterling silver is harder and more durable than pure silver and makes for long-lasting jewelry. To ensure you are getting the best quality jewelry, buy sterling silver beads from reputable suppliers who offer quality products at affordable rates.

Sterling Silver is Hypoallergenic

Unlike other metals, sterling silver jewelry can be worn by anyone as it doesn’t cause any allergic reaction. Sterling silver doesn’t contain lead or nickel, the two major elements that cause skin reactions. So, people who are allergic to metals such as nickel and or brass can wear sterling silver jewelry without much worry.


Do you want to enjoy beautiful jewelry without making a major investment? Buy sterling silver jewelry and beading supplies online. Unlike white gold and platinum, sterling silver is an extremely affordable precious metal.

Low Maintenance

Sterling silver requires very little maintenance and can be stored in an airtight box. All it needs is an occasional wipe with a silver polishing cloth. You can also clean sterling silver jewelry using Aluminum foil.

New Designs

Sterling silver is highly versatile and allows you to try marketing new designs to a wider customer base. This allows jewelry makers to target customers in niche markets easily without spending much. Your customers can also keep up with the latest styles and trends in jewelry.

The Bottom Line

Sterling silver is a type of jewelry that can be used to create looks that can be both timeless and trendy. Get sterling silver beads, Swarovski beads and crystals, and other beading supplies from reliable suppliers to ensure quality and create new trendy designs.

Wearing Swarovski Rings Everyday: Is It a Good Idea?

Rose Gold Bead

Can Swarovski Jewelry be worn every day? Swarovski lovers know there’s never a wrong time to showcase your shimmering jewelry. Swarovski crystal jewelry pairs as beautifully with casual attire as it does with evening wear. But how often is too often when it comes to donning your jewelry?

Wearing Swarovski Rings at Home

Sporting a planet-sized Swarovski crystal ring and matching Swarovski crystal heart pendant while you’re ambling around your home is probably not high on your to-do list. But there are plenty of simple, smaller designs perfect for everyday at-home wear. While the composition of gold-filled and sterling silver ring designs withstand daily wear-and-tear, Swarovski crystals are best kept away from water. Clear stoned rings stand up to handwashing, but it’s best to remove your rings before doing the dishes or other cleaning tasks requiring the submersion of your hands in water and cleaning chemicals.

Larger Swarovski crystal stones, colored crystals, and crystals with surface effects and coatings are best removed before contact with water, including hand washing. If your rings do get dull or dirty, you can refresh them with a quick wash in lukewarm water and a couple of drops of mild soap. Dry it thoroughly with a soft, lint-free cloth. Avoid commercial jewelry cleaners and sonic cleaning devices, which are too rough for your carefully crafted Swarovski components.

Wearing Swarovski Rings at Work

Dying to wear your Swarovski rings to work? Dress codes vary by industry, from nearly non-existent to policies in which larger, flashier Swarovski rings are not appropriate. In this case, smaller, more conservative ring styles such as monotone and rose gold bead designs offer a more understated yet nevertheless beautiful option.

Wearing Swarovski Rings on the Go

Swarovski crystal jewelry is the ideal travel companion, and a great alternative to risking irreplaceable heirloom pieces on the road. Swap out your engagement ring for a Swarovski stand-in for worry-free travels.

Wearing Swarovski Rings at the Beach

It is perfectly safe to wear your Swarovski rings at the beach, so long as you’re mindful of your activities. Swarovski crystals shine beautifully in the light and are not damaged by the sun. If you plan on building a sandcastle or playing in the waves, however, Swarovski jewelry is best removed to avoid damage from sand and seawater.

Wearing Your Swarovski Rings to Special Events

Swarovski is known for its striking, oversized cocktail rings. They are the perfect complement to evening attire, making a bold statement. Oversized and detailed Swarovski ring designs are best removed before handwashing. A word of caution, however: If your rings have sharp edges, be careful when wearing them with soft fabrics like chiffon and cashmere.

Create your own stunning Swarovski crystal ring designs. Shop Swarovski crystal beads wholesale at Crystal Findings today.

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Cloisonne Beads: Ever Wonder What They Are Made Of?

Beaded Necklaces

 If you’re a jewelry making enthusiast or entrepreneur, chances are you’ve added Cloisonne beads in your jewelry making supplies kit. These beads have been popular for centuries across the globe and continue to be a favorite today. What are these time-tested beads made of?

Cloisonne Beads Have a Unique Composition

Cloisonne beads are made of a base metal of copper, featuring twists of wires that allow crafters to create distinctive designs. Enamel is deposited into the thin strips between the wires. Craftsmen add to the beauty of the beads by enameling colorful surface design to the various bead shapes they’ve created like tiny stained-glass art. Each section of the structure holds colorful enamel. The finished product is fired in a kiln, bringing the art to life. Every piece is unique.

The Long History of Cloisonne Beads

The process of making Cloisonne beads stretches back to the Egyptians, crisscrossing the globe through Rome, China, France, Europe, and America. Chinese craftsman furthered the art, improving the enameling process with their casting, glass production, and glazing skills. These beads, which double as art, continue to be coveted in jewelry designs for their unique beauty.

These beads should be cared for like art. Storing them in bags protects the enamel against scratches. When cleaning is necessary, they should not be soaked, as small holes in the body of the beads could absorb fluids. Use only water and a soft, lint-free cloth. Avoid abrasive and harsh cleaners, as well as ultrasonic jewelry cleaners, which can damage the surface of the beads.

Popular Cloisonne Bead Applications

The detailing of Cloisonne beads pairs wonderfully with gold-filled beads and findings. They work well in many jewelry designs, from beaded necklaces and bracelets to rosaries and pendants, rings, earrings, and pins.

Tips for Identifying High-Quality Cloisonne Beads

When shopping for Cloisonne beads, look for carefully constructed beads with a smooth surface, free of protruding wires. Beads should be uniformly shaped, each section filled with enamel. No divots or bulges should be present. Beads crafted with precious metals, such as our copper constructed Cloisonne beads, offer superior quality. These top-quality beads often advertise their precious metal content.

Crystal Findings Offers Cloisonne Bead in a Wide Variety of Styles

Crystal Findings carries Cloisonne beads in an array of sizes, styles, colors, and prints. With most of our designs, you can buy as many or as few as you need. Our premium Cloisonne beads come in popular geometric shapes, flattened styles, tube-shaped, fancy Cloisonne beads, twist-on and clasp-style beads, and novelty options. We ship our beads fast, directly to your doorstep via your choice of UPS and USPS services.

Incorporate the vibrancy and beauty of Cloisonne beads into your jewelry designs. Add Cloisonne beads to your collection. Shop one of the largest selections of wholesale beading supplies in the USA at Crystal Findings today.

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Tips for cleaning Swarovski crystals without damaging them

Swarovski Crystal Jewelry

What is the best way to care for your Swarovski crystal jewelry without damaging it? Swarovski jewelry should be enjoyed in all its shimmering splendor, but dirt can detract from its brilliance. Handcrafted Swarovski crystal jewelry is beautiful and delicate, requiring specialized care. How can your Swarovski crystal designs continue to sparkle for years to come?

Tips for Cleaning Swarovski Crystal Jewelry

To keep your Swarovski crystal jewelry in pristine condition, polish your Swarovski crystal jewelry regularly with a soft, dry, lint-free cloth to maintain its brilliance. Rub gently to avoid snagging the cloth on sharp edges of metal casings and accompanying beads and findings. Wearing a pair of cotton gloves can help you avoid putting fingerprints onto the crystals as you clean. Clean and polish items regularly to keep them looking their best. Never use abrasive cleaning gear or harsh polishing techniques on your jewelry.

The Best Way to Remove Stubborn Dirt from Swarovski Crystal Beads

For stubborn dirt and grime buildup, a soft bristle toothbrush and a small bowl of warm water and mild dish detergent is best. Moisten the bristles of the soft brush with the cleaning solution, gently brushing each of the Swarovski beads, in turn, using a circular motion to remove tough deposits. Once clean, rinse the jewelry briefly with tap water to remove soap. Make sure the stopper is in the drain before you do this, as your jewelry may be slippery from soap, and you don’t want to lose it down the drain. After rinsing, pat it dry gently with a lint-free paper towel or soft cloth. Leave them out to dry thoroughly before storing.

Take Care When Wearing and Storing Your Jewelry

– Store your Swarovski pendants and beads in their original packaging for safekeeping when not in use.

– Avoid prolonged contact with water, taking off your jewelry before washing your hands, showering, or taking a bath. Doing so could cause irreversible damage.

– ever wear your jewelry in the pool or hot tub, as chlorine can damage your crystals and dull their beautiful luster.

– Don’t wear your jewelry when applying lotion, makeup, hairspray, perfume, or other beauty products – these products could discolor and weaken Swarovski crystal beads.

– Remove your jewelry if it knocks against objects during daily activities, as this could chip the crystal.

– Put jewelry on last after dressing and take it off first when changing out of your clothes.

– Wash your Swarovski crystal jewelry after each use whenever possible to guard against exposure and damage from chemicals and grime.

Ensure stunning jewelry designs that will stand the test of time. View our latest catalog and shop the extensive selection of certified Swarovski crystal beads and pendants available at Crystal Findings today.

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Looking for a High Quality Shamballa Beads Supplier? You Have Come to the Right Place!

Shamballa Beads

Shamballa beads make beautiful jewelry. They are most commonly used in bracelets reflecting the Tibetan and Buddhist tradition. However, these shimmering beads also make stunning necklaces and earrings as well. These shimmering, disco-ball like beads are becoming increasingly popular for jewelry enthusiasts young and old, making them increasingly difficult to find. Fortunately, if you’re looking for colorful, high-quality Shamballa beads, you’re in the right place. Crystal Findings has an extensive variety of exceptional offerings.

High-Quality Czech Crystal Shamballa Beads

Our Shamballa beads feature a synthetic base studded with premium Czech lead glass crystal cubic zirconia. They are studded by hand and come in a rainbow of sparkling colors. Crystal findings offer a variety of Shamballa bead sizes and shapes, including:

– Traditional round Shamballa beads for regular jewelry making

– Unique oval Shamballa beads for adding a distinctive touch

Heart Shamballa beads perfect for use as pendants or dress pins

Curved tube Shamballa bead designs for making bangle bracelets

– Now we have new side hole Heart Shamballa beads

Affordable Pricing

Despite the skyrocketing prices of many items due to shortages caused by the pandemic, we have kept our Shamballa beads at the lowest possible price for our customers. No matter where you are in the US, you can continue to enjoy affordably crafting jewelry, whether as a business or quarantine hobby. We offer most orders same-day shipping Monday-Friday, ensuring you get your beads and findings fast. All orders are custom quantity preparations and bigger orders usually takes a day extra. There is no minimum order, and we sell to individuals and businesses.

Make a Striking Statement with Shamballa Bead Design

Shamballa symbolizes a mystical, spiritual sanctuary reachable only by those who have achieved a deep karmic connection to spirit. It is believed to be a perfect place filled with love, enlightenment, and peace. Shamballa bead colors represent Sanskrit/Indian centers of spiritual power in the body, known as chakras. Each shade is associated with an aspect of physical and emotional well-being. We offer colors representing traditional Shamballa colors for the 7 chakras, in addition to other popular hues.

Note: We may not have all the colors available at all times, please contact us if you are unable to find a specific color and we will work with you.

Get to Know this Versatile Bead Style

Shamballa beads pair well with many jewelry styles, from premium knotting cord to simple hemp cord designs. Accentuate your jewelry with your favorite bead styles and colors, interspersing your Shamballa beads with gemstones and gold filled and silver beads and findings. When choosing accompanying beads, however, be sure each is large enough to accommodate two strands of cord.

New to Shamballa Bead Designs?

The trickiest part is the sliding clasp. Learn how to make Shamballa jewelry now with our latest tutorial. If it’s not already part of your regular design lineup, you’ll soon come to love its unique square knot macrame design and make it a staple in your repertoire.

Create stunning, must-have Shamballa jewelry from only the finest materials. Shop the wide variety of shimmering Shamballa beads at Crystal Findings today.

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Is it Worth Investing in Swarovski Crystals for Jewelry Design? What You Need to Know

Luxury Crystal Pendants

Swarovski crystal is a favorite among professional jewelry makers and designers. The Swarovski name has remained synonymous with quality and luxury since 1892. Competitors try but fail to replicate their quality. Is it worth investing in Swarovski crystal beads for jewelry design? There are many reasons why these stunning crystals look better and cost more than bargain replicas.

5 Reasons Why Swarovski Crystals are Worth It

1. Swarovski crystals are made from real lead glass.

Swarovski crystals are not simply made but involve a complex process dependent on high-quality materials. These manmade luxury crystal pendants and beads are made only by Swarovski of Austria. They are neither a crystal nor a gem, but a form of lead glass. Swarovski’s proprietary blend of quartz, sand, minerals, and about 32% lead maximizes refraction, giving the crystals their signature shimmer, creating a look similar to that of a diamond. Such clarity in crystal is difficult to produce, requiring pure materials and precise production methods.

2. Highly specialized cutting practices create higher refraction and more sparkle.

Precision cutting with a patented electric cutting machine ensures accurate, consistent cuts. Swarovski crystals are created with as many as 100 facets, which mirror and bend light in many directions, producing a higher refraction index and increased sparkle. After cutting each crystal, each one is polished to perfection, some enhanced with coatings that refract light in different color spectrums.

3. Every Swarovski Crystal meets strict quality standards.

Crystals with inconsistencies often seen in inferior quality beads such as bubbles, scratches, and dull or lackluster finish will not meet Swarovski quality standards for perfection. Premium Swarovski crystal beads must be consistently produced to meet the company’s rigid manufacturing standards. Authenticated Swarovski crystals:

– Are identical in size and cut.

– Contain no bubbles.

– Are clear, smooth, brilliants, and without blemish.

– Possess a diamond-like shine.

– Have facets that meet and point upwards.

– Are identical in color tone.

– Are sold loose, except for Swarovski pearls, which are strung together.

4. Swarovski crystal uphold their resale value.

Due to their demanding design standards and lasting popularity, Swarovski crystals hold their value quite well, making them a favorite among designers and jewelry aficionados.

5. Swarovski crystals are easy to maintain.

A bit of mild dish soap and warm water easily restores Swarovski crystals back to their former brilliance. No professional cleaning is required.

Crystal Findings is A large , Experienced Swarovski products Supplier

We are a leading supplier of Swarovski crystal beads, offering the largest stock of colors, shapes, and sizes, including our popular and affordable Swarovski factory packs. Fast shipping is our specialty. Most orders ship within 24 hours. Choose from first class, priority, and express mail shipping speeds, or UPS shipping. You can have your favorite Swarovski crystal beads on your desk in as little as 48 hours.

Put the precise workmanship of authentic Swarovski crystals to work in your designs. Shop the wide selection of Swarovski crystal beads and pendants at Crystal Findings today.

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Besides branding, what differentiates a Swarovski crystal from a normal crystal?

Swarovski Crystal Beads

Swarovski is more than a brand name. Swarovski crystal beads outperform competing crystal beads on many fronts. What makes stunning Swarovski crystals different from ordinary crystals? Learn why top fashion designers like Christian Dior, Louboutin, Louis Vuitton, and Chanel prefer Swarovski products over imitators and what it is about Swarovski crystals that keeps customers coming back for more.

Swarovski Crystal Beads Deliver Superior Clarity and Brilliance

Swarovski crystal beads are crystal clear, unlike lower quality competitors, which often have blemishes and swirl marks, air bubbles, or an oily sheen. This does not happen by accident. Such quality and clarity are difficult to produce. The Swarovski crystal making process relies on quality materials and precise manufacturing. Swarovski beads are a form of lead glass, comprised of a proprietary blend of quartz, sand, minerals, and about 32% lead which create the refractory effect that gives Swarovski crystals their signature sparkle. Though they are called crystals, Swarovski crystal pendants and beads are actually closer in composition to gemstones, with a higher refraction index than true crystal, more like a diamond. The inventor of Swarovski crystals envisioned them as a more accessible “diamond for everyone.”

The Cut of Swarovski Crystals is Superior

After they are formed, each Swarovski crystal is precisely cut. The cut pattern that will produce maximum light refraction is first calculated by computer, then simulated in 3-D and optimized before being applied to the stones. Advanced cutting machinery is then used to apply the pattern of facets – up to 100 total per stone, each capable of bending light in different directions for maximum effect. Unlike imitators, each facet and juncture on Swarovski stones points up, meeting in a single, precise point, similar to the facets on a diamond. They are later polished, then sometimes coated to refract light in different color spectrums. The complicated process of creating each crystal is a tremendous technological feat.

Swarovski Crystals are Only Sold by Authorized Resellers

Crystal Findings is one of very few Swarovski product resellers. One of the largest dealers, we offer genuine Swarovski beads and pendants in a wide selection of colors, shapes, and sizes, including our money-saving Swarovski factory packs. When you purchase from us, you can shop secure in the knowledge you are getting genuine Swarovski crystals – not imitations! Our genuine Swarovski crystal beads ship directly to your door in clearly branded, sealed envelopes bearing the sparkling silver holographic Swarovski logo. Authentic Swarovski beads never arrive strung, only Swarovski pearls are delivered this way.

We specialize in fast shipping, getting most orders out within 24 hours of placement. Choose from first class, priority, and express mail shipping speeds, or UPS shipping, getting your favorite Swarovski crystal beads delivered right to your door in as little as 48 hours.

Ready to splurge on Swarovski? Enhance your jewelry designs while staying within budget. Shop the wide assortment of Swarovski crystal beads, pendants, pearls and other jewelry making beads and supplies at Crystal Findings today.

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Wondering how to choose your color for a Shamballa bracelet?

Crystal Findings offers sparkling Shamballa beads in so many colors, it’s hard to know which to choose. Opt for popular color combinations or choose the perfect hues to reflect the traditional origins of these infamous beads. While many select the shades of their Shamballa beads for their beauty, interest is growing in the spiritual benefits of particular jewels and colors used in Shamballa designs. 

Shamballa design

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Color for Your Shamballa Jewelry Design

Shamballa jewelry has a Tibetan and Indian Buddhist background. Shamballa bead colors represent the chakras, centers of spiritual power within the body. Each Shamballa bead color is believed to have a unique meaning and effect on particular aspects of your physical and emotional well-being:

• Black

This popular color inspires strength and fosters inner power. It helps with focus and calming of the mind. It is a favorite for masculine designs.

• White

White reflects innocence and purity, truth/integrity, and new beginnings. It fosters openness and kindness, brings clarity and peace, and supports physical and mental health. 

• Red

Red reflects passion, sensuality, and emotion, inspiring motivation and enthusiasm. It supports a feeling of security and banishes fears, allowing you to move forward with confidence.  

• Orange

This sacral chakra color is associate with emotion and intimacy. It increases feelings of affection and creativity, rekindling bonds and forgotten passions. Orange is also believed to balance emotions, relieving stress and blocks in life. It inspires boldness and bravery, fighting introversion and shyness. 

• Yellow/Gold

Yellow is the color of the solar plexus chakra, supporting self-confidence and will power. It is strongly associated with feelings of happiness, inner peace, stability, and control of the world around you. It stifles negativity, supporting logical, clear thinking. 

• Green

This color of the heart chakra brings balance and harmony between the mind/body. It is linked with nature, producing a similar effect as exposure to nature would in the body: Serenity, calmness, and renewal. It is also believed to manifest luck, abundance, and wealth.

• Blue

Blue is associated with the throat chakra, evoking communication and inspiring trust, loyalty, and affection. Like the ocean, it inspires tranquility and healing, encouraging relaxation and rejuvenation. 

• Indigo

Associated with the third eye or intuition, the chakra located in the center of the forehead, indigo opens the mind and relieves creative blocks, spurring the imagination. It is the color of choice for inspiring confidence and connecting with your true identity.

• Violet

Violet is associated with the crown chakra at the top of the head. It promotes a higher understanding of self and life purpose. Violet is the color of royalty, grandeur, and creativity. Simultaneously stimulating and soothing, it brings balance, making it an ideal choice for those with physical and emotional issues, especially insomnia.  

Note: We may not always carry all the colors listed above. Check our website to see the colors we have in stock at any time!

Shamballa Bead Shapes

Crystal Findings offers many varieties, including traditional round Shamballa beads, curved tube Shamballa beads, and heart-shaped Shamballa beads perfect for creating beautiful pendants, Bracelets, Necklaces, or making dress pins. All of our shimmering shades of Shamballa beads feature high-quality, manmade, lead glass Czech crystal cubic zirconia rhinestones.  

Create a custom Shamballa design. Stock up for your upcoming holiday jewelry-making projects. Shop the wide selection of premium wholesale beads and jewelry making supplies at Crystal Findings today.

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Shamballa Beads – What They Are and Tips for Using Them in Jewelry Making

Shamballa beads, used for making beautiful bracelets, necklaces, and earrings, are steeped in history. Inspired by Tibetan and Indian Buddhism, these colorful, shimmering, disco-ball like beads are a favorite among jewelry makers, making a striking statement in any design. Shamballa is believed to be a magical, spiritual sanctuary reachable only by those who hold a deep karmic connection to spirit. A perfect place filled with love, enlightenment, and peace. Shamballa bead colors represent Sanskrit/Indian centers of spiritual power in the body, called chakras, each associated with an aspect of well-being.

Shamballa bead jewelry design

Shamballa Designs

Shamballa beads are widely used for making bracelets. Shamballa designs are easy to recognize by their signature square knot design, which features special knots based on macrame techniques. Bracelet cord is woven, knotted, and braided into various designs, featuring different colors of shimmering Shamballa beads and gemstones.

Shamballa Bead Varieties

Shamballa beads begin with a synthetic base, which is studded by hand with Czech crystals – high quality, manmade, lead glass crystal cubic zirconia rhinestones. Crystal Findings offers many varieties, including traditional round Shamballa beads, curved tube Shamballa beads, and heart-shaped Shamballa beads perfect for creating beautiful pendants, bracelets,necklaces, or making dress pins. Many colors are available, including traditional Shamballa colors representing the 7 chakras, alongside many other popular hues.

Suggestions for Using Shamballa Beads in Jewelry Making

• Choosing beads and cord

Shamballa bead designs work well with many styles, from simple hemp cord designs to premium knotting cord. Accentuate your design with any beads you desire, interspersing your Shamballa beads with gemstones and gold and silver beads and findings. Just be sure beads are large enough to accommodate two strands of cord.

• Shamballa design tips

A clipboard or board with binder clip are necessary tools for creating square knot Shamballa bead designs, helping you secure cords as you work. You can add as many knots as you desire between beads, though most agree odd numbers of knots look best. 

• Mastering the sliding clasp

The tricky part of Shamball jewelry designs is creating the sliding clasp to finish your Shamballa bracelet design. However, once you learn this trick, making this popular jewelry staple is a snap. Here’s how it’s done:

o Form your completed bracelet design into a circle. Overlap the anchor cords, tying them together temporarily with a string.

o Clip the top to your clipboard/board and binder work surface.

o Next, cut a 12-inch piece of cord. Center it beneath the 4 anchor cords. 

o Tie in square knots just like you did in your original bracelet design, continuing for about half an inch. 

o Sew the ends back in once that is complete, creating a section of knots capable of sliding back and forth on the anchor cords. 

o Take the tail knots and make slipknots 1-2 inches from the clasp on each of the anchor ends, allowing enough length to loosen the bracelet to fit over your hand. Add beads for stoppers to prevent the ends from sliding out of the clasp.

Note: We do not carry the knotting cords for making shamballa bracelets or necklaces. Our Shamballa beads come in small hole sizes only.

Get a more in-depth look at creating fun Shamballa bead jewelry designs on our blog.

Create this popular, must-have jewelry look for family, friends, and customers. Place your order now for the holiday season. Shop the wide variety of wholesale beads jewelry making supplies at Crystal Findings today.

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Personalize your Jewelry with Alphabet Beads Available at Crystal Findings Sterling Silver and Glass

Add a personalized touch to your next project with alphabet beads. From friendship bracelets to wine glass charms, letter beads are a great way to make an impact. Their versatile design works with a variety of designs, including a larger hole for use with a variety of stringing materials from natural leather to forgiving stretch magic and black cords. 

Alphabet Beads

Crystal Findings Offers a Wide Assortment of Letter Bead Styles

We offer single alphabet beads by the letter in sterling silver, so you never have to worry about waste. Order just what you need for your project from our extensive selection of designer quality beads for your upcoming project. Choose from: 

• Sterling silver alphabet beads

We have one of the largest collections of high-quality sterling silver beads and findings on the market, including 4.5mm, 5.5mm, and large 6.5mm sterling silver alphabet bead sizes. Pair them with our 5.5mm character beads for a touch of added flair. 

• Gold plated sterling silver alphabet beads

Our brilliant, 5.5 mm, 14K gold plated letter beads add dazzle and luxurious appeal to any jewelry making project. 

• Glass alphabet beads

Add a touch of color or depth and dramatic flair with our glass alphabet beads. We offer three different designs, including 6mm beads in black and white, black and gold, and

red and white color schemes.  These glass letter beads are perfact for children’s bracelets and necklaces complementing with our gold filled and sterling silver beads as well as wide selection of colorful diomond shape and or round faceted swarovski crystal beads that gives sparkle people admire.

Creating a Unique Design is As Easy as ABC

Personalize your project with a name, inspirational message, support your favorite team or cause, or memorialize an event, expressing yourself in your own unique way. Set them in resin, string them on cord, or wrap them in wire. Letter beads appeal to women of all ages. Whether you want to create the perfect Mother’s Day gift, holiday present for a child, or find another way to say, “I love you,” alphabet beads are the ideal way to bring your message to life. Alphabet beads from Crystal Findings are the perfect addition to:

• Bracelets & Necklaces

From “best friend” necklaces and bracelets to designs showcasing children and grandchildren, popular alphabet jewelry designs never go out of style, offering lasting mementos.

• Keychains

Create keychains that are beautiful and easily identifiable, pairing alphabet beads with colorful companion beads.

• Bookmarks

Inspire the avid reader in your life with a customized bookmark.

• Wine glass charms

Incorporating alphabet beads onto wine glass charms is the perfect way to prevent cocktail confusion. 

• Napkin rings

Leave dinners guests with a lasting party favor, after denoting their place setting with a personalized napkin ring.

• And more!

We offer so many different styles of alphabet beads, you’ll have fun thinking up new combinations and creations.

Give your upcoming project a distinctive touch with alphabet beads. Shop the wide assortment of beads and findings at Crystal Findings. Gain inspiration from our latest catalog today.

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